Intermediate Arts: Emerging Leadership

The secret of life is in Art.

- Oscar Wilde

Course Description

Our Intermediate Arts: Emerging Leadership course at OELC has a unique focus of developing students’ leadership skills through an exploration of the arts. The ideal candidate is not necessarily a student who is a ‘master musician, actor, artist, or dancer’ but one who has an interest in the arts and in particular, a student with leadership potential who is willing to learn about themselves, about others and how to apply their skills in their school and/or community. The emphasis of this program will be on the development of leadership skills through the following five disciplines: music, dance, drama, creative writing and visual arts. A series of challenging activities have been planned to help each student learn more about him/herself and the other students. It is expected that each student will identify ways in which the program teachings may be of particular use in their individual schools.

Leadership Development

Leader Development

  • Students discover their own personal style of leadership through a series of activities


  • Students learn about the leadership styles of others in their team and how to best work together and cooperate

Trust Activities

  • Students learn how to develop trust in their section team

Team Building

  • Students learn through many cooperative activities, how to work as a team with others when faced with challenges

Leadership Development

  • Students learn how to make effective change in their schools and communities using their leadership skills

The Arts

Art Majors

  • Students learn how to apply their leadership skills in their chosen art form, (music, drama, dance, creative writing or visual arts)

Art Minors

  • Students experience each art form, (music, drama, dance, creative writing or visual arts)

Massed Choir

  • All leaders and facilitators at the course come together once a day to learn inspirational songs which further embed their leadership skills

Evening Activities

  • Through a wide variety of arts-based evening activities, leaders have the opportunity to apply their leadership skills, and to showcase their talents to others

Other Activities


  • Full Understanding Not Necessary activities are led by our Leader Counsellors each afternoon

Physical Activity

  • Leaders have a variety of physical activities to choose from each afternoon

TNT Experience

  • A series of theme based cooperative games titled Totally Nutty Teamwork is led by our Leader Counsellors for the entire week

Choice Activity Night

  • There is one evening during the course where leaders may choose from a wide variety of activities such as karaoke, craft making, board games, and cartooning


May 26


Jun 1


7 Days / 6 Nights

Program Fee

Early Bird

by Apr 1

$635.78 + HST = $718.43

After Apr 1

$680.00 + HST = $768.40

Uniform Fee

$39.00 + HST = $44.07

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