Our Philosophy

OELC believes that our youth can, and do make a difference – both today and tomorrow. We create an environment that fosters curiosity, reflection and growth. and provides young people with opportunities to learn about themselves and others. We achieve this through specifically designed leadership programs that are highly engaging and full of FUN!

Each leadership course is unique; however, all of our courses are developed around key goals.

Self-Awareness and Development

  • Develop a greater understanding of oneself

Equity and Inclusion

  • Identify personal beliefs and challenge biases


  • Developing connections and working with others


  • Develop strategies to communicate with others welcoming different opinions

Personal &Team well being

  • Creating a safe and caring environment which builds resilience

Connection to School, Community and the World

  • Participate in the creation and implementation of an action plan that builds a thriving and socially-just community