SHSM Leadership Virtual Course

“…The course met the school's expectations. Having done many courses like this in the past, but in person, this virtual option was very well done……. Considering that all of my students were actively engaged throughout the duration, I believe it met their expectations and then some…”

SHSM Teacher

“…I really liked that they forced us to put our cameras on! I think that kind of took down one notch of the awkward barrier after a while, which is great. Also I 100% thought that was going to be incredibly boring, but I actually quite enjoyed it! They made it an welcoming and open space, and just did such a great job overall…”


Course Description

SHSM Leadership is a bundle of virtual signature certifications designed to support Grade 11 and 12 students across multiple sectors who are exploring their career goals and are looking to gain important skills and required SHSM certifications. This helps supports students with the requirement to complete the SHSM programs at their schools.

Our virtual certifications are led and supported by qualified teachers who bring you the innovative OELC leadership development sessions in a virtual format. OELC’s SHSM Leadership experience strives to foster and support the personal, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills of students in all sectors and in the development of a positive school climate.

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Certifications and SHSM

SHSM Leadership certifications are designed for use with multiple sectors and can be contextualized to support Grade 11 and 12 students who are exploring their career goals and are looking to gain important skills and SHSM requirements.

These certifications meet the requirement for sector-recognized certifications.


School boards and schools may, however, provide opportunities for students to earn additional certifications and complete additional training. This enables boards and schools to customize their programs to reflect a local focus. School boards have an opportunity to propose additional certifications and/or training that are then reviewed by the ministry. If approved, they are added to the list of certifications and training courses.

Specific Sessions

Each workshop is special and provides students with unique ideas that teach them about themselves and others.

There are three (3) individual certifications:

Communication Skills:

Participants will identify the various communication skills to better equip them for success in their SHSM sector. The active session will support a better understanding of the ability to express ideas, listen and respond to others, interpret information effectively and understand non-verbal clues will help to provide the necessary steps that will support a variety of activities in the workforce.

Group Dynamics:

Participants will engage in a variety of interactive opportunities to experience the 5 stages of the group development process and the factors that affect the interaction of people within groups. The desired outcomes associated with the workshop will provide participants with strategies that can be used to support group effectiveness at school, in the community or within the SHSM sector. Participants will also be able to reflect on the individual behaviours and attitudes to contribute to effective group success and how to support others in a group situation.

Leadership Skills:

Participants will explore the concept of leadership and examine the various skills, attributes and styles that leaders can use in a variety of situations. Through an inquiry based learning opportunity this analysis of the various characteristics of effective leaders, will allow participants to explore their personal leadership skills and attributes related to their SHSM sector needs and experiences.

Format & Facilitators

Workshops can be taken individually, or in a bundle of 3 and can be customized for your schools or groups needs.

Certification Workshops are led and supported by qualified teachers who can bring you the Innovative OELC leadership development sessions in a virtual format.

Course Directors

For further information on any of the SHSM courses please contact us.

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