Our History

The Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC) was formally established in 1948 by the Department of Education, under the leadership of G.A. Wright, Director, Physical and Health Education Branch. For the first few years we were known as the Ontario Athletic Training Camp (OATC) and provided training to male secondary school students to develop and improve their organizational ability, athletic skills, leadership skills, sense of responsibility, cooperation, confidence and personal integrity. In 1950 a female program was added.

In 1952 our name changed to the Ontario Athletic Leadership Camp (OALC) where the focus became much more about developing student leadership skills through athletics and sports-related activities.

A few decades later (1972), the leadership courses offered were expanded to include to a broader spectrum of student interests such as athletics, music and student council. As a result, our name was changed to the Ontario Student Leadership Centre (OSLC) to more accurately reflect our mandate.

In 1991 one of our most significant changes occurred. Following 43 years of governance by the Ministry of Education, the operations of the Centre were transferred from the Ministry of Education to a new not-for-profit corporation, with a volunteer Board of Directors. It was at this time that we became known as the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre (OELC).

 Over the years OELC has experienced many changes. We have adjusted, adapted and survived the test of time and continue to provide leading edge programming for over 2,000 leaders every year.
Our sustained success has been the result of our foundational belief that people can, and do, make a difference and that the cultivation of leadership requires a very special environment – one that fosters curiosity, reflection and growth so that people can learn about themselves, and others. OELC is this special kind of place.

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